Bulgaria has very low tax rates for startups and freelancers in Europe.

What Our Clients Say

Uwe did a great job explaining how the whole process works and he was always available for questions. Even in my special case (I am Swiss), he was knowledgeable and made sure to get back to me in time.

Severin Bühler

Lead Product Engineer

Uwe is really committed to his work, he went the extra mile to learn more about my case and provide me the most accurate information.

Milica Zivkovic


MyStartBulgaria.com was recommended to me by a friend so I decided to give it a try. I booked a call with Uwe, who was very friendly and explained the whole process. From then on it all happened very fast and absolutely seamlessly.

Fabio Ferrari

Architect & DevOps

Your benefits when starting a business in Bulgaria

It is easy and it is affordable! Your experience is our top-most priority. We offer a full concierge service for Bulgarian residency, tax-residency, and business formation. Your benefit is to get everything from one partner, like a one-stop-shop. We make the processes very easy for you, tell you upfront all the prerequisites needed, and share a process map with you. The transparency of the process and the costs avoids pain and concerns. Check out the blog post why you should consider Bulgaria as your business and tax base within Europe: https://new.mystartbulgaria.com/7-top-reasons-to-start-your-business-in-bulgaria/


Bulgaria is considered one of the EU countries with the lowest tax rates. You can benefit from lowering costs and optimizing taxes.


Find talented employees who speak foreign languages with relatively low wages when compared to other countries in the EU.


The entire process of registering your company in Bulgaria is extremely affordable. We’ll help you to make it a nice experience too.


Registering your business is quite easy when collaborating with the right local partners. We’ll make the right introductions and get you started.


Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007, and has enjoyed the benefits of being a member for more than 10 years, including free European markets with no taxes on exports and imports within the EU.


You need to boost your business, meet like-minded people or want to learn how others deal with challenges? Bulgaria is full of diverse expat an digital nomad communities that offer great benefits.

Benefits When Working With Us

Your one-stop-shop for Bulgarian residency services and local business matters. Enjoy the peace of mind and choose a trusted international partner with plenty of local experience. We collaborate with local experts to assure all legal aspects are met and procedures and laws are observed. We offer a personalized all-inclusive service that fits your needs.

Process Overview

Your smooth experience is our mission! Follow the easy process - hassle free.

We have lots of local and international experience!

We work with selected and reliable local partners with plenty of knowledge in the field.
Our working history of bringing international businesses to Bulgaria assures you will have a swift and enjoyable experience throughout the entire process from beginning to end.


Uwe - Founder

Uwe is a cofounder of Coworking Bansko and founder of Nomad Sailing Retreat. After incorporating several businesses in Bulgaria, he gained the local experience and knows the details of setting up a company and the pain of the process first hand. As a serial entrepreneur, Uwe believes it is important to follow your passion and do what you love. Together with his local partners he offers to help you start your business in Bulgaria and make the process easy, swift and seamless, so you can focus on the things you love doing and grow your business.

Got questions? Book a free 30-min call and get in touch with us!

Hassle-Free One Day Residency Service

Your time is money, let us take the hassle off you! We address the pain points and assist you in person with opening a bank account, translate documents, and dealing with authorities. Our personal support is included in the service, we know what is needed to eliminate uncertainty and make the procedures as fast and easy as possible. Get in touch with us https://mystartbulgaria.com/contact/

Bank Account

Support and translation to open a low-cost bank account as fast as possible

Language gap

Our local partners take care of you and translate all the necessary documents and help you


Upfront validity check. Preparation is key for a smooth experience

Personal Support

You will be covered at any time. We will be on your side and support you in person

Start your business with ease!

What are your requirements, what is your goal? We assess your situation and offer a solution that will work for you and fits your needs. Save your money and learn what you really need. Lower your startup costs and ongoing business expenditures and get what you need.

Check our About Us page and learn our mission and values.

Assessment of your situation

Free assessment of your current situation

Tailored Solution

Experts help to find the best solution for you

Cut down business costs

Find legal ways of lowering your costs

Tax and invoices

Easy solutions for your tax statements and invoicing

On-site or remote formation?

Do I need to come to Bulgaria or can I do everything remotely? Opening a bank account affords your presents in Bulgaria and it can be a frustrating and costly experience. We provide contacts and assist with suggestions where you can spare money and time. Having the right partners and knowing the right contacts makes everything easier and more affordable.

We know bank branches who do not charge expensive opening fees and process your application quickly. Check our FAQ page and learn more.

Choose your bank

Many banks take high fees, we help you to find the quickest and cheapest options


We help you to find affordable accommodation and make your stay a treat

Do you have any other needs

Do you need assistance or counseling, e.g. registering a car? Get in touch with us, we will help!

Estate Market

We can assist you to find long term accommodation. Are you interested to buy a property?

Remote support

Many of your business matters can be done remotely, we help you to set-up remote business administration

Safety and traveling in Bulgaria

Do you have questions regarding safety or traveling?

You want to give us your feedback?

Share your experience with us and let us know if you have been happy with our service and give us a quick feedback! Only when we know we do a great job or where we have to improve our serves we will be able to adjust and up our game.

By letting us know what you have been happy with and what you think needs improvement you do us a big favor and ultimately get a better service! Thanks in advance!

Here is the link for the Feedback Form: https://mystartbulgaria.com/client-feedback-form/