Our Mission

We offer a seamless service to start, incorporate and run a business in Bulgaria in an easy and affordable way.

In addition we help people to apply for residency in Bulgaria or relocate to the Non-Schengen Zone in a welcoming and tax-friendly EU country.

Our Values

  • We respect the legal aspects of all  laws in Bulgaria.
  • We offer reliable partnerships.
  • We respect humans.
  • We put emphasis on trust and long term relationships.

You benefit from our local and international experience!

We work with selected and reliable local partners in the areas where we need professional help.
Our successful working history assures a great experience for our clients throughout the entire process.


Uwe is a cofounder of Coworking Bansko and founder of Nomad Sailing Retreat. He incorporated several businesses in Bulgaria and knows the pain of the process first hand. As a serial entrepreneur, he knows it is important to follow your passion and focus on doing what you love.

While working on his businesses, he gained experience and knows the details of setting up a company in Bulgaria first hand.

Together with his local partners he offers to help you to start your business and make the process seamless from beginning to end so you can focus on doing what you love and growing your business.

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