Frequently Asked Questions

We are a full concierge service with a focus on client care. You will be accompanied during the residency procedure, we offer guidance and assistance on the spot. Our optimised processes and the close relationships with the officials allows you to save time, to minimise your effort and costs.
Your additional advantages when using our one-stop-service include residency, business formation, and accounting services. Furthermore we assist you and provide insider knowledge to find accommodation- and transport services, car hire, or with buying real estate. Our close relations and long term collaboration with lawyers, accountants, real estate-, and local service providers, as well as our experience help you to focus on the things you love doing whilst we take care of the bureaucracy and duties.
For your benefit, and in order to make an informed decision, we suggest to book a call as this will give us the chance to explain all your options. This will give you the chance to save time, hassles, and money! Book a call with this link now. We will refund the fees, if you sign up for a service later, or in case you are not happy with the information provided.


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