What Do You Need To Start Your Process?

€467Get your BG Residency Card
  • The Residency Service is the basis to start a freelance business and to apply for tax-residency later on.

  • Our service includes:
  • - Upfront information about the process
  • - Assistance with accommodation
  • - Applying for residency in Bulgaria
  • - Service charges for documents
  • - Translation service
  • - Remote and email support
  • - On-site assistance and guidance
  • - Notary fees
  • - Collecting your Bulgarian ID card

  • Not included in the service are:
  • - Rental Contract
  • - Insurance fees
  • - Traveling costs

  • Learn more about prerequisites and the process below or in the FAQ section.
€459Start your own LLC Company
  • Setup your own limited liability company and provide services and/or goods world wide.

  • Our service includes:
  • - Full transparency about taxes & social contributions
  • - Thorough information about the legal framework
  • - Registration fee for a LLC company
  • - Translation and documents
  • - Notary fees
  • - PoA for remote service
  • - Government taxes for registration process

  • Not included in the service are:
  • - Bank fees
  • - Accounting fees
  • - Address service

  • We offer monthly accounting and business services.
€298Tax Residency Certificate
  • Get a Tax Residency Certificate for a piece of mind.

  • Our service includes:
  • - Official Certificate for tax residency in Bulgaria
  • - Avoid back-taxes when moving to another country later on
  • - All documents for notarisation
  • - Translation of documents
  • - Notary fees
  • - Government taxes
  • - Registration fees

  • Prerequisites
  • - Evidence of earning income on Bulgarian soil
  • - Evidence that you reside in Bulgaria since six months
  • - Valid address

All prices above in Euro exclusive VAT. Prices may vary (e.g. non-EU citizen, changes in the legislation, etc.).

What is best for you? Send us a message and we help you in your decision process to find the right option for you. Additionally, we offer a 30 minute consultation call for €59 to provide you with fast and reliable information upfront. Please, see the contact page for details.

Residency Process Overview

Residency application will be done in Bulgaria (the town of Blagoevgrad). The timeframe of the
residency process is three business days and includes following steps.
1. Check and assistance with prerequisites for application (see below)
2. Fill application forms and notarization of documents
3. Taking photo for ID card.
4. Collecting ID card

The prerequisites for Residency Service are:
a) Proof of address (rental agreement, or deeds of ownership)
b) Copy of debit/credit card or personal Bank account
c) Valid EU Health insurance card or local private insurance
d) Valid EU Passport or ID Card (at least one year or longer)

The application process for non-EU citizens is different and does require more paperwork and preparation. We offer residency service for non-EU citizens. In case you are non-EU citizen it is best to book a 30 minute consultation call that will allow to explain the process in depth and answer questions you might have, book a call right away or send an inquiry on the contact page.

Starting a Freelance Business

In order to start a freelance business it is required to have a valid Bulgarian Residency card and a prove or diploma to work in this field.

Prerequisites for Freelance Business:
a) Valid Bulgarian Residency Card
b) School or apprenticeship diploma, alternative a course certificate to work in this field.
c) Valid Passport
d) Address in Bulgaria to open a bank account

Note: A freelance business is not a legal entity in itself, the physical person behind the freelance business is the legal entity and therefore has 100% liability.

Registration of a limited liability Company (LLC)

For the company formation you do not need residency in Bulgaria. The timeframe of opening a company is around 5 business days and for VAT registration about 10 business days (VAT registration may be necessary). We offer remote business formation and can guide you though the process (remote formation requires additional paperwork and service, please ask specifically for remote formation).

Prerequisites for Company Formation:
a) Company Capital (min. 2 BGN)
b) Opening a Company Capital Bank Account (bank fees are not included in our pricing)
c) Valid Passport
d) You will need to provide an address if you reside outside of Bulgaria.
f) European bank account.

More questions? Please request further information or book a consulting call.

What Our Clients Say

Uwe is one of the many consultants I spoke to about Bulgaria (I got the paid consult) and I’ve got the impression of him being the most diligent and pedantic of them all. He broke it down for me from every angle.


Business Owner

Was a great call. Very friendly and informative. Got provided a customised offer after the call. Really couldn’t ask for anything more : )



Efficient. Quick response. Free call that solved a lot of questions! Uwe was very helpful and the call worth worth the money.



Uwe has offered his time generously to inform me about all details while I am planning to start a small online business working from Bulgaria. An excellent service.



Uwe did a great job explaining how the whole process works and he was always available for questions. Even in my special case (I am Swiss), he was knowledgeable and made sure to get back to me in time.


Lead Product Engineer

Uwe is really committed to his work, he went the extra mile to learn more about my case and provide me the most accurate information.



MyStartBulgaria.com was recommended to me by a friend so I decided to give it a try. I booked a call with Uwe, who was very friendly and explained the whole process. From then on it all happened very fast and absolutely seamlessly.


Architect & DevOps

Residency Service

Do you want to become a resident in Bulgaria?

Your smooth experience is our top priority!
We will help you to get residency and guide you through the entire application process. We will fill all the government forms, stay in close contact with you and handle all the necessary steps.


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Company Registration

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Our service provides a smooth experience from beginning to end. We know the process and all its intricacies in depth. All fees and costs upfront – no hidden costs. Get started with ease!

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