Where To Go in Sofia

What To Do and Where To Go in Sofia

Find out how to get around Sofia and where to go. This article covers our tips for good food, bars and snacks, coworking places and the inevitable good coffee places. All tested and approved by our internationally exquisite team of MyStartBulgaria.com.

Getting to Sofia centre and around

Depending on which terminal you are landing at, when coming by air, you will either have the opportunity to use the subway, bus or taxi. The metro (underground) is very affordable to Serdika, the most central stop. To change from terminal 1 to terminal 2 you can use the free shuttle bus provided by the airport every 15min or so (the distance is far).

Cost of taxi in Sofia

More convenient is to use a taxi in case you have a lot of luggage or arrive late at night. Make sure you use the affordable one with the table stating the cheapest price of 0,79 leva at the top (see image). The ride usually takes less than 30 minutes from the airport to the centre and costs around 10–15 leva (5–8 euros).

When getting a taxi off the street, make sure the car has this little table with the prices starting from 0,79 bgn/km during the day.

Once in Sofia, we recommend using the Moovit or the Yellow Taxi App. Moovit works quite well with public transport and interconnections to commute within the capital.



Free Sofia Walking Tour

The city offers a good variety of options where to go and what to do. We recommend starting with a Free Sofia Walking Tour. It lasts about 2 hours and the guides are really friendly and knowledgable. Usually, people give about 10 leva tip to the guide at the end of the tour. The Free Sofia Tour also offers other tours like Communist Tour, Alternative Tour, Culture Tour, etc., some are free others are paid. What our diverse international team can definitely state is that the Free Walking Tour of Sofia is great for all — foreigners and locals alike, already living in Sofia or freshly arrived.

Angel Kanchev street (link)

Unlike the very touristy Vitosha boulevard and Shishman street, which are often mentioned, Angel Kanchev is more of an insider’s place. Hence, we would like to draw your attention to this unique street which offers a lot of value. It is very central, runs parallel to the pedestrian Vitosha boulevard and is full of little charming stops to eat, drink, chill, shop and work.

Just to name a few:

A few key phrases to start with

“Da” is yes and “Neh” is no. There is a very long word for “thank you” but you can also use the French “merci”. If you visit a restaurant during weekdays around lunch, ask for the lunch menu — “Imaly Obednо Menu?” and if they have, you will get a selection of soups, salads, main dishes and desserts at very affordable prices.

To make sure you enjoy your Sofia visit, here are some more thoroughly tested places for you to choose from:


Kring Vegetarian Restaurant
The Architekt Club
Made in Blue
The Friendly Bear


Brunches & breakfast places:



Money Exchange

  • Nikar – very central, exchange coins as well as notes
  • Tavex Gold & Exchange – located in most shopping centres, with an amazing variety of available currencies.

Shops and attractions

  • Pharmacies — written as АПТЕКА in Bulgarian
  • DM — drugstore
  • Billa (groceries)
  • Lidl (groceries)
  • Museum of illusions

If you need further guidance, you might want to check the Sofia Travel Guide created by the FlipFlop People, who live in Sofia for more than 10 years and love it. For every other business-related and tax question, book a free call with us today. And enjoy your stay in Sofia!



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